Develop Prototypes for Industrial Automation With BITOTRON

If you need an experienced team to develop a hardware prototype and the accompanying software we are here to help.


Hardware Design

From circuit design to PCB layout, we can convert your idea into a functioning device.

BSP Development

A BSP allows you to concentrate on implementing the functionality of your device, instead of dealing with the minutea of the hardware.

Embedded Applications

We can design and write the software which runs on the device, so that you can concentrate on integrating it into your ecosystem.

Cloud Integration

Avoid having to deal with each of your devices separately. We can integrate report collection from the devices and remote management of the devices into the cloud.

Case Studies

Pump Control

for KSB, Germany

We wrote the firmware for KSB's pump drive controllers. We've also written a suite of desktop applications which can be used for remotely controlling the devices, as well as for training and simulation.

Soil Conditioner Monitoring

for REWOX, Hungary

We designed and developed the hardware and software of a battery-powered device for monitoring soil conditioners. The device can measure the temperature and the status of pumps, compressors and fans. The results can be viewed using the built in web server which is accessible via a GPRS connection.

Building Automation

For a building automation project, we designed and developed the hardware and software components. For maximum flexibility, the monitoring system has built-in scripting capabilities and supports openHAB integration.

Hardware Lock

A USB-connected, hardware lock. In addition to designing the hardware, we also implemented C and Java APIs for accessing the device from the host system.


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